Solutions for nuisance wildlife using legal and humane proven control methods.

DFT Wildlife Control is owned by Desoto Fur Trappers, LLC which is a privately owned and operated business located in Olive Branch, MS servicing Shelby County/Greater Memphis & North Mississippi area.

  • Professional Technicans:  Licensed/Permitted Wildlife Control Operator & Animal Damage Control Operator - Certified by NWCOA - General Liability/Auto Liability/Workers' Comp Insurance carried
  • Customers include: State & Federal Managed Lands, Homeowner Associations, Private Residential Housing, Commercial Buildings, Rural Landowners, Golf Course, & Hunting Clubs     

  • Raccoons, Coyotes, Fox, Bobcat and other predators pressuring wild turkey and deer on hunt clubs and pond ducks and livestock on private rural land
  • Beavers and muskrats in private lakes & ponds, including those on golf courses, causing tree damage, levee erosion, and flooding
  • Bats as rabies carriers and are hosts to BAT BUGS
  • Lawn & Garden Wildlife: moles, voles, shrews, rats, chipmunks, armadillos, and snakes. 
  • Urban Wildlife including squirrels, skunks, roof rats, and raccoons can try to make your home their home by envading under houses, decks, and sheds. Also, by entering chimney tops, roof line gaps, foundation openings, roof vents, and gable vents, these nuisance wildlife turn your home into their nesting places to raise their young, while destroying electrical wiring, HVAC ducts, and insulation. Attics become toliets to them. 
  • Dead Wildlife Removal from roadways and private property.
  • Starlings and Sparrows create nesting hazards resulting in spreading of disease and BIRD MITES that invade buildings
  • Stock & Catch Ponds AND Retention Ponds - beaver - muskrat - snakes - geese - crawfish - turtles - pond surface weeds


  • What is it?  We will survey the property to properly identify the nuisance animals you hear, see, smell, or have signs of property damage
  • Get it out: We will capture/remove animals
  • Keep it out: Provide EXCLUSION SOLUTIONS to guard against continued animal excursion into areas where you don't want them to be
  • Clean its mess: Provide urine/feces cleanup and odor control using disinfectant, sanitizer, deodorizer, and virucide.


Specific control modifications to Houses, Decks, Commercial Buildings, & Other Structures
Tree Removal / Tree Limb Pruning Near Houses, Garages, & Sheds
Beaver Lodge Dismantling
Beaver Dam Leveler Device Installation
Pond Leveler System Installation
Drainage Culvert Dam Deterrent Fencing Installation
Tree Protective Barrier/Fencing
Bird Netting


Roof Rats - Armadillos - Squirrels - Birds - Beaver - Muskrat - Skunks - Raccoon - Coyote
 Opossum - Moles - Fox - Bobcat - Snakes - Bats - Wild Geese  

Brad Witt - Owner & President
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